Custom Home Builder Edmonton
Custom Home Builder Edmonton

Custom Home Builder Edmonton

Custom Home Builders Edmonton is up and coming premier contractor serving Edmonton and surrounding areas! Our jobs are the characteristic of quality, professionalism as well as craftsmanship.

As a genuine custom home builder serving Edmonton and surrounding areas, we believe that each home must fit the personality of the homeowner. We work all out to know the characters and lifestyles of our clients to determine their preferences and needs. Then, we integrate design elements and facilities to meet those requirements. We take pleasure in the relationships that we make with each client and share their pride in their stunning and good-looking homes.

Custom Home Builders Edmonton will perfectly integrate the design process and building phase into one simple and easy to manage set up. Using our team of designers, architects, engineers, project managers, suppliers as well as extensive selections of coordinators, we will guide you in the process of planning, designing, and constructing your custom home while making sure the project completed on time and your budget.

Custom Home Builder Edmonton

Expertise and Services

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We at Custom Home Builders Edmonton already worked with the best interior and architectural companies in the city to make custom luxury homes. Also, we have completed custom-built houses in the surrounding areas. We are confident we can work with you and your team to build your custom home.

  • Renovation
  • New Homes

Custom Home Design and Build

We are also your reliable custom home design and build firm, which can assist you with each step in constructing your dream home.

  • Remodels
  • New homes
  • Architecture
  • Site selection suggestions
  • Interior design
  • Construction

Custom Home Building Expertise

Edmonton Custom Home Builder knows the hard work required for constructing a custom luxury home with fantastic living setting and timeless design, which makes the most of the views as well as the full potential of every home. We have procedures and systems in place, which include calls, personal visits, reports, and emails, which make sure a new custom house building plan stays organized and on track. Our clients get thorough customization accounting reports weekly, which address each budget line item, change orders, or additional work authorization, estimated costs as well as weekly billings. Our company also offers customers with timelines for choices and cash flow projections.

How Can We Help


We know the exceptional needs of clients, and as such, give with lots of options to help make an ideal custom home that meets their needs and lifestyle. Our projects are the trademark of quality craftsmanship, superiority, and professionalism. We treat every project as it is our own and commit to a standard of excellence. Our staff works closely with our clients to know important choices at each level of the construction process.


Homebuilding is fun and thrilling, and we provide the chance for customers to call the shots at every stage of the construction process. From colors, upgrading, landscape, and lighting, the choices are yours! By limiting the number of projects we do, our team has enough time as well as the flexibility to let for exceptional design ideas, which match the taste as well as the financial realities of our clients.


We are always for you! You can count on us on each step of the process, still available to help you answer your questions, and provide the most excellent advice- making sure a pleasing and fun home-constructing experience.

How We Work

Your home needs energy, most notably in the cold weather temperature of our climate. Our custom homes are designed and erected to survive and thrive in our tough and sometimes unpredictable climate. By incorporating the newest developments in-home energy efficiency as well as generation. We can build homes that generate as much as energy they take up.

Our custom homes are more productive, which is right for you as well as for our environment. Here is a brief description of how we work. Because each project is exceptional and different, this is only a guideline. Our office will further make clear the process, timelines as well as expenses in-depth when you visit our office.

After calling our customer hotline number, our staff will arrange a meeting with you to evaluate the project, and to know your desires and needs. We will show you pictures of our previous projects together with references. We will make a range of quotes based on the initial scope of the job, and give a contract to start the design phase.

Design Phase

After deciding to go on working with us, we start the official designing of the project. You will deal/work with our architects, designers, engineers as well as choices of coordinates to design the home the way you like. Exterior details and elevations will be thoroughly planned. Interior floor plans will be adapted and amended to meet the client’s needs and requirements. And interior finishes will be brought up in detail so we can propose a budget. Your feedback is essential in driving this process.

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Permit and Preparation Stage

The permit and preparation stage comes next. We will prepare and submit the required permits for the construction. Our experts will communicate with the area jurisdiction and the client to keep everybody informed of the progress of the license. During this time, we will direct our client on how to prepare for the building stage. Our professional staff will provide you a choice timeline to assist you in guiding in the whole selection process. Then arrange meetings with sellers to start picking out your lighting, kitchen, tile, and many others to customize the design appropriately.

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Construction Stage

In this stage, dust flies, and home starts to take form. From foundation to the final coating, our office will keep you updated through weekly meetups and scheduled walk-through. You will witness the building as it happens.

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Completion of the Project

Once the building process is done, your assigned staff member will walk through the completed project with the clients and assess the result.

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Custom Home Builder Edmonton builds not only custom homes but also a strong relationship with our clients. We are your reliable custom home builders in Edmonton that allows for more attentive, improved customer service. Contact us today to know how we can build your custom home!